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Assignments are on the To-Do List but not Calendar

Good Morning,

I am an admin at my school and I have several students who are not able to see one or two classes assignments on the Calendar on the iPads but the do see the assignments on the To-Do List. 

I have investigated the course settings and looked at the teacher assignment to be sure it was correctly set up, and all looks well.

We have cleared the app cache, uninstalled the app then reinstalled -- no luck.

Any ideas are welcomed.


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Community Contributor

One suggestion -  have the students maybe accidentally filtered the course from their calendar? 

Great idea!

I checked, and the student did have the class selected. Still, I unelected and then re-selected. Maybe that will work? I don't have the iPad in front of me now so I'm not sure.

Any other ideas? This is happening to several students.