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On Friday, half of my written assignments disappeared. They are not in the undelete folder. I spoke with a canvas representative and they said that an admin would be contacting me. Can you please get in touch with me? English 097 at Community College of Philadelphia.

The assignments relate to the following: 

Lysistrata Notes

Macbeth Notes

Introductory paragraph Tartuffe

All assignments related to The Elephant in the Room

All assignments related to Fat Ham

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Community Coach

@KirstenQuinn ...

Hello!  It would be best to reach out directly to folks at the Community College of Philadelphia for your question.  This is the global Canvas Community website, and members here don't have access to their Canvas environment or any of their courses.  I did a quick search of their website for you, and I found the following support page which should be helpful to you:

Online Learning Support | Community College of Philadelphia (

There is a link at the bottom to "Contact Online Learning".  Hopefully someone from their team will get in touch with you soon.  Good luck!

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