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Autoplay video or audio

Does anyone know how to have audio or video autoplay so as soon as a student opens a page the video will play automatically? I want to have dramatic music play to let students know when a special challenge awaits. This question was vaguely addressed in years past but none of the suggestions I found have worked. Has anyone actually gotten videos to autoplay?

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I need to know this answer too! I want to have a boomerang video on my homepage that starts playing as soon as a student goes to the page. It's so dumb if they have to press play for just a boomerang...


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I actually have a video autoplaying and don't want it to. I don't know why this one file does, when all the others I've uploaded don't. You may try adding "autoplay" to the code.

To set autoplay for the video you just need to add the autoplay attribute for the <video> tag like this:

<video width="320" height="240" autoplay>
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