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Behavior of Messaging a Student using the Student Context Card

I'm hoping someone in the community can confirm some behavior related to this guide: How do I view a context card for a student in a course?  

View Student Overview

View Student Overview

At the top of the card, you can view overview information about the student:

  • Profile picture [1]: View the student's profile picture. A picture may not be available if the student has not added a profile picture or if your institution does not allow profile pictures. If a profile picture has not been set or is not available, the user's initials will display. You can also click the picture to access the student's user details page.
  • Student name or email [2]: Click to access the student’s user profile page. If you have the appropriate permissions, you may be able to access additional information including the student's access report, interactions report, outcomes report, and registered web services.
  • Course name and section [3]: View the name of the course and section. The section name is only included for courses with multiple sections.
  • Last login [4]: View the student's last Canvas login. This field does not display if the student has never logged in. If the login was on the current date, the card only displays the time. If the login was within the current week, the card displays the day of the week. Any later logins display the full date.
  • Grades button [5]: Click to access the student’s grades page.
  • Analytics button [6]: Click to access the student’s analytics page. This button is only available to users with permission to view course analytics.
  • Mail icon [7]: Click to send a message directly to the student from the context card.

With respect to #7 Mail Icon, I've observed (based on an instructor's asking about it) that the message sent seems to not have any history associated with it. It doesn't show up in the instructor's sent messages in the Conversations tool, and the student doesn't seem to have a copy of that message in their inbox. Shouldn't it work just like sending a message to a student using these instructions? If not, where does the message go? 

Can anyone confirm this behavior? 

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JEFHQ12951, welcome to the Community.  You are right that it should work the same way as if you went into the inbox and sent a message.  However, I just tried this, and I got the same "mistake" you did -- no notifications anywhere.  Maybe this is a glitch right now.  

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