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I do not have a blue submit button to upload my assignments. Can you help me please?

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Hi Ana,

If there isn't a Submit button on the assignment it could be due to several reasons.  The instructor might not have set it up correctly to accept online submissions, it may be outside the window of availability for the assignment (too soon or too late), or you might be enrolled in the course with incorrect permissions such as that of an observer instead of a student.  

Read the information below the Assignment title for some clues about if it's set up to submit something or if there are availability dates and then I suggest checking with your teacher about it.  

If everything looks like you should be able to submit something based on what you see on the assignment page itself, perhaps try a different web browser, a different computer, or use the Incognito or Private browsing mode on your web browser.  I've only see it once, but I did run across a student who couldn't see the Submit button for an assignment of quiz because a browser extension was blocking it.  Using Incognito mode in Chrome will turn off any installed browser extensions and is a good diagnostic tool to see if that might be what is causing the problem.

Good luck,


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