Bug fix request. Importing formula questions to New Quizzes: Decimal precision bug.

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Encountered this bug when importing a Classic Quiz into New Quizzes. The error says the precison needs to be the same in the min and the max. In the screenshot it clearly is. 

I have 2 requests here:

1. Allow New Quizzes to be shared between instructors at different institutions via some Canvas tool or exporting quizzes.

2. Fix this bug so that when I make a quiz in classic quizzes I don't have to go through and change the decimals up and down for every formula question. BTW this also causes a problem when trying to regrade after the exam. You can't regrade because the decimals are wrong, but you can't change the decimals because the exam has already been taken by at least 1 student. 

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Hello @Chokichi 

I apologise that you are having trouble with importing formula questions to New Quizzes. 

I understand that you would like to Allow New Quizzes to be shared between instructors at different institutions via some Canvas tool or exporting quizzes. With New Quizzes, the feature option must be turned on in the account in order for instructors to use LTI tool in their courses.  Some institution's do not allow for their instructors to use New Quizzes because they only want to allow them to use the Classic quizzes engine in Canvas. This setting varies from institution to institution and can only be managed by the admins for each institution. At the moment, Instructors can always share their new quizzes with users in their account using THIS method. This will make it so that the quiz appears in the direct share area of their canvas account. However, they will only be able to share this with users enrolled at their institution. instructors can also share their courses and quizzes into Commons. Sometimes this method also allows the resource to be visible to users outside of the institution 

For the bug that you are seeing, can we have to submit a ticket to Canvas support so that they can see if this is related to a know issue? Be sure to include a link to where you are seeing this issue and any necessary information about it. 

HERE is our New Quizzes FAQ page. 

if you would like to submit a possible feature request to improve the functionality of new quizzes, we would love to have you submit that HERE

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