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Button images disappear

Help!  I spent the weekend loading a ton of images to act as buttons.  When I started the courses today, many of the images were missing and only a tiny square showed up.  All of the links still work even if the picture isn't there.  However, I am using these pictures for primary age kiddos and want/need the pics.


Any ideas?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @cmdunn -

Oh, that can be frustrating! I know that Canvas was running slower than usual for many users. Sometimes when that happens, the images dont' display. Have you checked on this since your initial post?

As of today, all of our icons are not displaying in Safari either. Disabling Prevent Cross-Site Tracking does not fix the problem. 

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Hi, I've got the same issue, it appears on my Blue print but not the staff courses....did you find a solution?