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Is there a way to add a picture or slide on a CANVAS quiz without also having a question? I want the individuals that is taking the quiz to only have the option to read the material on the slide. Every time I try to add a stimulus without a question attached the stimulus does not show up. Any guidance would be helpful!


For further clarification, I want the person taking the quiz to only have the PowerPoint on their screen. Then when they press next to only have the quiz question. Reasoning is I do not want the person to be able to use the PowerPoint slide as an aid when answering the question.

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Community Coach

Unfortunately no, this is not an option when using the New Quizzes builder, which I am assuming you are using since you mentioned Stimulus questions. If you want to be able to have just an image, text, etc. and no question, you would need to use Classic Quizzes, which your institution may no longer have available.

You could work around it however with a simple multiple choice question in New Quizzes. You could include the image/slide in the question, then instruct students to select yes after they have reviewed the image, then move to the next question. You could make the question worth zero points as well to ensure students do not lose points accidentally. 

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