Can I create a column for text (not factored into the grade) that students can see?

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I would like to create a column in the gradebook to keep information like--has the student used a late coupon (student can turn in 1 assignment a day late without penalty), or has the student used their eliminate 1 option perk (student can ask professor to eliminate 1 of the mc options on a question), etc. Basically, I'm creating a list of power-ups that students can earn throughout the semester, but I need to be able to 1) keep track of them and 2) let them know which one's they've earned.

I know about the Notes column, but I need to students to be able to see the column as well. Thanks!


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Aside from Notes, there aren't really any "freeform text" columns in Canvas the way there are in Blackboard.  All columns are displayed as scores, points, or some variation of a grading scheme, such as letter or complete/incomplete.

The only way I can think of that you might do this in a way that students can see is to come up with a grading scheme that, in place of "A", "A-", "B+" etc. has an entry for each "power up" and all possible combinations of "power ups" that you might want to award.  Say "eliminate 1 option" is "E" and "1 late assignment" is "L", you'd need "E", "L", and "E L".  It doesn't matter what the percentages are, since you're not actually counting points.  You just need a valid "grade" for any list of power ups that you want to show.

Of course, that's much more manageable if there aren't too many "power ups", or else there get to be a lot of possible combinations to keep track of...

The other option would be to look at badging tools, but I don't really have any experience with those.

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