Can I create a multiple choice quiz in a word document - and then convert it into Canvas format?

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Hola Canvas,

Thank you for your support.

I'm an English instructor.

For each novel I assign to a class, I like to make my own multiple-choice quizzes.

Can I format a multiple choice quiz in a word document to convert to Canvas.

I feel more comfortable with this procedure.

Please let me know.



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Hi  @jay_lewenstein  

Currently, this cannot be done in either the legacy quizzing tool nor in New Quizzes.

However, both tools support QTI uploads, so this means that you can use a third-party tool like Respondus 4.0, and others, to create your quiz items, then export those as QTI files for upload into Canvas.

I hope this is helpful,

Addendum: There is a feature idea currently open for voting at that you might be interested in supporting. Check it out. Please note that all quiz engineering resources are now directed towards the New Quizzes tool.


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