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Can I download fully annotated papers from Speedgrader?

Can I download fully annotated papers from Speedgrader?   

Some annotations come through, others don't.  The URLs below will show you an example of one of my student's papers as it displays in Speedgrader and and as it is downloaded and as I would like it to be downloaded.  (The red arrow in the screen-shot from Speedgrader is the icon I clicked on to download the "annotated PDF.")  Notice that the screen-shot does not capture all annotations.  The tiny message boxes only display the first few words of each comment.  The downloaded version includes even less of the commentary and mark-up. I need all annotations and they must be open and visible immediately.

Do students really click through all these tiny message boxes?  Now that I see what is happening I think I'm sending my feedback into a bit-bucket.  I expect the weaker students do not spend the time necessary to click through all these message boxes.  That's bad.  

My purpose (today) for downloading annotated (graded) papers:  My institution's method of professional accreditation requires archival records of samples of graded student work.  My institution also requires by policy that data within Canvas may not be considered as an archival record.  In fact, my institution has a policy that all course records are deleted from Canvas after five years.  Our accrediting agencies typically require 6 to 10 years of archival records.  Also, the amount of data to retain is reduced greatly by using a policy of sampling the students' work.  Sending the accrediting visitors directly into Canvas to sift through these records themselves is thoroughly impractical.  I need to select a few graded papers from every course I teach to satisfy sampling criteria and save these as PDFs in a particular network location where our administrators can pick these files up.  I've been using Speedgrader for a few semesters now.  This summer I want to create the archival records needed for those course.  It looks like I face a needlessly painful process of screen-shotting individual pages of my graded papers and pasting them into PDFs and then clicking through every single message box and pasting that also!  That's going to be a couple pretty dull days of my life as a PhD.  No more Speedgrader for me.  There are other grading tools available that save annotations properly to PDFs. 

Example:  One page of one of my student's graded papers as displayed in Canvas: 
Notice that message boxes do not display complete messages. 

Example:  The same page as downloaded (notice even more of the annotation is missing):
Notice that only the highlighting remains.  In some other cases, not illustrated in this example, the colors of various parts of the download show up differently in the download as compared to a screenshot from Speedgrader.  Usually these are rendered in black-and-white.  Change of coloration changes the emphasis I wanted to provided to my students.  It is not a trival matter. 

Example:  The same page as I need it to appear in a download.  I would also greatly prefer this for my students' view so that they do not have to click through message boxes. 

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