Can I group criteria in a rubric into categories?

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I want to separate the criteria for a particularly involved project into categories (being able to do some sub-categories would be even better), as in the table below.  Is this possible in Canvas rubrics?  (I suppose I could use a criterion as a category label and make it worth 0 points, but I'm not sure the students would understand what I was doing.)




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Community Coach

 @cwhittle ​, unfortunately there isn't a way to add headings/categories to rubrics in Canvas. You are correct that you could create a heading by making it worth zero points but that could definitely get confusing to students. In general rubrics in Canvas are pretty simplistic in design and functionality, which can be great or frustrating, depending on what you're trying to do! My only other suggestion is to create multiple rubrics - possibly one for each category - and also include a different assignment for each rubric. Ex: Word Outline rubric and a word outline assignment, Access Database rubric and Access Database assignment.

Hope this helps!

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