Can I hide text in Announcement snippets?

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Is it possible to hide text in the snippets that appear under announcements, perhaps with CSS? 

In the attached example, the text under the "Week Two Introduction" says this:

"Week TwoMay 23rd - May 27th OverviewIn Week Two, you'll begin working with the textbook, and you'll do more reading and writing that considers your role as a technic..."

I'd like to prevent "Week TwoMay 23rd - May 27th Overview" from appearing in the snippets.

That text is from headings within the announcement, and they appear without appropriate spacing unless I add spaces in the headings on the page. I can do that, but I'd love it if I could just make that text disappear since it's not particularly useful to readers.



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Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

Hello @john_barbour!

I did a little testing in my sandbox concerning your request, but unfortunately there is not a way to edit the snippet or the preview of the announcement. The extra spaces seems like the best alternative at this time. However, members of our Product & Engineering team are always open to input, and want to hear from you. If there is anything that would make your experience with Canvas better. Feel free to submit your suggestions on the Feature Idea site at
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