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Can I manually track student progress through Courses?

Wondering if I can use Canvas as a simple tracker for student progress through a syllabus? 

Although I would like the students to be able to view their status and progress, I don't require them to complete anything. Rather, as they complete a particular requirement, I would like to then set their progress record to 'DONE' for this requirement.

Once I have ticked all the required modules as DONE, Canvas would show that the student has 'PASSED' this particular Course.

I would then like to be able to report on 'All students showing which Course and Modules they have completed' and

'All students showing which Modules they have completed'

'Module xyz showing which Students are enrolled and their progress'

The actual example I am working on is a series of kayaking qualifications or Courses ie Flatwater, Sea Kayaking, White Water etc

There are no particular things the students have to do online, rather they have to demonstrate competency out on the water and I assess them. Then I would like to use Canvas to record their progress in a way that gives them - and our organisation - visibility as to who is where on the training pathway.

I have set up a sample Course and Module, and set up the requirements for completion.  But I can't see a way to manually update progress for a student - I have added a dummy student, but now Canvas wants to email and invite that student to register, whereas I need to be able to add them manually (as half of them might not be bothered about or want to register but I need to have every student on the system!)

A spreadsheet which skills lists and tickboxes would do the tracking job, but no shared visibility for each student, and no overall view of the qualification pathway ie we want to be able to see that:

- we have 215 students currently in some form of training

- we have 20 doing Flatwater Skills

- we have 3 doing Sea Instructor

Any suggestions?

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