Can I prevent Canvas from altering file names in Conversation attachments?

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When a student misses I class, and they send me an email request, I will send them an electronic copy of the Lecture Notes Sheets for that day. However, when I attach the file (stored on my computer), Canvas renames the file by adding a number. For example:

The file names on my computer are:



But the file names in the attachment show as (emphasis added)




This is confusing for students - especially since textbook chapters tend to be separated into sections (Chapter 1:  1.1, 1.2, 1.3...  Chapter 2: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3...). Is there a way to prevent the automatic renaming of attachments?

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Community Coach

 @kimberly_smith1 , greetings! My guess is that this happens when you have already sent a copy to a student, so a file with this file name already exists in your personal "Files --> Conversation attachments." I double-checked and I don't see a way to select a file you've already uploaded, which would prevent you from attaching (and re-uploading) a file you've already sent. You could try contacting Canvas support to see if they have any additional information or workarounds. To do that, click on the Help link in Canvas and "Report a Problem."

Otherwise, what I do is upload my files to my course in Canvas and direct students to the file/information. Yet, I know this probably doesn't fit with what you are trying to accomplish by having the students reach out to you if they meet class. 


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