Can I skip to another class while in speedgrader? (I have multiple classes with the same imported assignment)

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There seems to be no option to allow me to skip to another class while in speedgrader. The same occurs in "lecture contents". There should be a way to skip to another classes content with a single click, and not have to run through all the menus again dashboard/courses/etc. Or, have another sidebar where we can see assignments from other classes and quickly navigate to them? Even with the fastest internet this is extremely slow navigation.

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Hello there,  @mike_harack ...

To my knowledge, nothing like this exists in Canvas at this time.  The best solution I could offer you is to create a folder of bookmarks within your web browser that would point directly to those assignments in the that you could quickly access them.  For example, in Google Chrome, you can create bookmarks to appear directly below your address bar so it's just a simple button click to jump right to that particular SpeedGrader item.  Of course, you'd need to update these bookmark links every semester.

I hope this might help a bit, Michael.  Let Community members know if you have any other questions about this.  Stay well.

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