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Can I use VLC video to stream in Canvas ?

I was looking at BBB (BigBlueButton) to integrate 'live' lectures in Canvas, and the price is extortionate.  (about £20,000 per year).  It seems such a high price to pay just to stream a video within canvas.

Surely there are free or very cheap options?

Can VLC Media Player be used to stream live video within canvas ?

if not, can you please suggest any other options I have?


Thank you kindly,

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Community Coach
Community Coach

We use Zoom for web conferencing and it integrates right into Canvas. I'm pretty sure there are also integrations for MS Teams and Blackboard Collaborate.

But really any web conferencing tool you want to use should work, even if it doesn't have a Canvas integration.  Just set up the meeting in that tool and post the URL to it in your Canvas course.  


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Thank you @rmurchshafer   😀

Do you know if there is any way to trial Zoom in canvas ?

Zoom said that only the Business package (or above) integrates with Zoom.. (so their free package apparently doesn't), so not sure how to trial it.


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