Can Instructors Leave "Hidden" Feedback?

Community Novice

Is there a way for an instructor to evaluate a student in Canvas such that the evaluation would not be seen by the student but would be part of their record? 

Our institution is not a school so we use Canvas a little differently.  Our students meet with a committee who decides whether or not the students move on to the next course.  This committee needs feedback (evaluations) from the instructors about how the students participated in the course and whether or not they would recommend them for promotion. 

Currently, we use our old platform for this function.  In our old platform, the instructor clicks on the student and fills out a form right there in that system.  The form is not seen by the student but it is collected by the committee who decides the student's fate, so to speak.

I hope this makes sense.  We just need some kind of note or report or form that the instructor would complete for each student. Is there anything in the grade book that would accomplish this without the student seeing it?  Or maybe there's an LTI we could use.  Any ideas?