Can grades for a quiz be withheld from student view until “written” questions are graded?

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For quizzes that have both machine-scored (multiple choice etc.) and manually-scored (written) questions, it seems that Canvas automatically posts the student scores as if they scored 0 on the written portion, prior to me grading those questions.  I often don’t grade those questions until hours or days later.  As a result, I am often getting emails from distressed students who think they have bombed a test, when perhaps 30% of theirs test hasn’t been graded yet.  

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 @stephanp ‌,

Hello! And YES, you can definitely do this. For information on how to hide/post grades for an assignment that already has student submission go here. And then if you want information on how to initial set a grade post policy for a particular assignment go hereAnother teacher I work with is currently using the initial grade post policy feature with her students because she has some students that were quite distressed as well Smiley Happy

Another option that you might want to look into are a grade posting policy for your entire course, but if you are just looking at doing only assessments this feature may not be what you want. More information on the course policy can be found here. I also like to use the "Text (No Question)" option when I am building out my quizzes and tests in Canvas. You can write the students a quick blurb before the short answer portion of the test stating to remember that when they receive their grade it is not yet finalized because you need to grade the short answer. 

I hope this helps! All the best. 

(Above mentioned links are also included below with more detailed description...)

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