Can students complete a peer review for an assignment on the Canvas Student app?

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I have a student who is primarily using the Canvas Student app on a tablet for our online course. Apparently, the assigned peer reviews are not displayed with the assignment in the Canvas Student app. I have checked the mobile guides and the other relevant Canvas guides, and I can not seem to find how (or if) students can complete a peer review for an assignment via the Canvas Student app.


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I think peer review needs to be done through a web browser. It gives the reviewer the SpeedGrader dashboard to leave feedback and that doesn't run within the iOS app.

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Community Team

Yes - This is correct. 

Peer reviews must be accessed using a browser. This feature is currently not supported by the Canvas Student app. I've seen this as a Feature Idea several times in the past. I wish it had gained more traction as it would be a great tool to offer students using mobile devices. If you're interested, check out the process! ...and loop back to this conversation so everything is connected. How do idea conversations work in the Canvas Community? 

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