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Can students see additional comments after the questions on their quiz?

How can I be sure that students are seeing the "additional comments" I'm making on their quizzes? I've been putting comments under each question that they answer incorrectly. Can they see these? If not, how can I enable it so they can? 

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Hi,  @smaggio . A great way for verifying the student experience is to use the "Student View" functionality. Check out How do I view a course as a test student using Student View?  and let us know if you need further assistance.

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Hi  @smaggio , did you ever figure out the answer? I unfortunately can't follow Adam's suggestion as the "test student" didn't complete the quiz and I did not comment on the incomplete quiz.

Any insights appreciated!

Hey,  @jdbigelow . You should be able to complete the quiz (assuming it is still open) as the test student when using Student View.

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So, I tried taking a quiz as a Test Student & left Test Students WITHOUT resetting.  I then went back in as the instructor and made an additional comment after a question on the quiz.  Finally, I went back in as the Test Student again.  I was able to see the quiz I took and the results, but I did NOT see the additional comment. 😞