Can't acess Shared Drives from Google Workspace

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I've noticed a problem with the Canva API integration with Google Drive: I can't access the Shared Drives that are created in Google Workspace. I've contacted Google Support and they have answered me that their API supports this kind of integration (they mentioned that a lot of companies already support it) and that this would be a missing feature in Canva integration — I have access to the personal drive files but I don't have access to the Shared Drive files even if I allowed it to be shared with external users. I'm reaching the Canva community to see if you can help me figure out how to solve it without the need of adding all our assets — we are creating some database assets so all of our company can have access to our background, logo, and all of that stuff — to each individual drive since that's not viable (limited amount of space in our Google Workspace). Is there any solution to this problem?

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