Can't name a dropdown variable "[ANS]"

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So here's a weird bug we're having with Classic Quizzes.

A prof has named her multiple dropdown question field "[ans]", (without quotes) and while that appears fine while editing the quiz, students only see the text "[ans]" in the question. It works with every other combination of characters we've tried.

So we're wondering if this is being caused by Canvas doing overzealous field sanitization or we have some kind of namespace collision.

And if it IS a namespace collision, is there a list of field names we can't use?



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@CEWinters You are correct that "ans" is not a supported option for Classic Quiz multiple dropdown quiz questions.  This is currently the only known text value that can't be used with these types of questions though, so if the instructor were to use "ans.", "answer", or even "ans " (adding a space), the question should function as expected.  As far as our engineers are currently aware, there are no other values that would cause this sort of a namespace collision fortunately.

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