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Can you have an assignment group that isn't visible in students/parents gradebook?

This year, I have been grouping assignments but type  (activities, follow-up questions, weekly reviews, unit tests, test reviews, interactive notesheets, etc...).   It is a system that helps me organize and find things.  We have a separate gradebook for parents, where we put all grades.  Currently I have the Canvas gradebook off.  I use it and transfer the grades I need to our separate system.

There are plans to use the Canvas gradebook as the official gradebook, even for items not done on Canvas.  I know that the assignment groups are really  gradebook categories and not assignment groups, so is there a way for me to prevent assignments from showing up in the student/parent gradebook?  The idea is to prevent their gradebook from being messy.  

One example:  During distance learning (and maybe going forward), I offer notesheets in both pdf format for printing AND an interactive format on using the Google Drive Submission external tool.  Students don't actually submit the notesheet, but when a student clicks that tool option, a copy of the notesheet is saved on their drive and they can type into it.  The notes are for their use and I don't grade them, that's why I don't have them submit them, but I use the Google Drive Submission tool, so the process of getting the notesheet and having a personal copy made for them is streamlined.

I hope this makes sense!

Thanks in advance for your ideas and advice.

Brian Rigwald

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