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Cannot get student enrolled in course

I have a free Canvas account as my k-12 district does not support Canvas LMS.  I invite students to the course via their school emails and students create their own accounts.  Unfortunately, sometimes this means when creating new accounts, some students accidentally set themselves up as teacher accounts instead of student ones.   What I've found is that once an account has been set up this way, students can only participate in the first enrolled course and cannot add new classes to participate in.

Normally, this is not a problem for me.  I have students create new student accounts and that fixes things, but for some reason, every time the student creates a new account she's able to log in that first time, but the next time she logs in, Canvas won't let her log in again.

What is happening?  I really need her to get into my course, as a good portion of my classes use Canvas as a LMS even though it's not supported by our district.

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How long you have been trying to enroll the students into the course ? applinked