Canvas Assignments /Quiz links in a Google Slides

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Canvas Links in Google Slides?  I want to put a link to a canvas assignment or quiz in my Google slides.  I know how to do this... My question is what do folks do this from course year to course year.  I find that my Canvas links will change from year to year, when I import or change anything in a Course. So, I would have to update my Google slides every year... What do folks do?

I was thinking to have links in my slide to a slide with all the canvas link for that presentation, and then have links from different slides to this master slide, and that slide have a bullet list to the actual canvas assignment /quiz link... then I just need to update that one slide... but that is lots of work too. 

I was also thinking to have a web stie where I dynamically changes the course code in a PHP script, but I have found that most of the time the quiz code also changes when I import a new course from an old course... so that wont work.

What do folks do to link from Google Slides to Canvas assignments? Any Ideas to make it easy to not have to update the links every new class with a new canvas shell? Thoughts? Ideas?