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Canvas - LDB - Powerschool: Major Issue with Character Limit

We sync Powerschool and Canvas. Powerschool has a 50-character limit with synced items. When used, Respondus Lockdown Browser (LDB) appends the title of quizzes. For example, "History Unit 1" becomes "History Unit 1 - Requires Respondus Lockdown Browser (classic)." So a 14-character title quickly becomes a 62-character title. And I can't find a way to fix this. LDB requires that naming convention, and Powerschool demands a 50-character limit. That gives teachers three characters to play with. 

Has anyone else had this problem, and, even more important, found a solution?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Contact Respondus Support.  They have a back-end fix they can do for exactly this situation which changes the "title decoration" addition when LDB is used.