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Canvas New Quizzes: numeric questions in non-english countries


- Canvas course, language: Dutch
- Canvas new Quiz: Question type 'numeric'. The answer has 2 decimal places.

In Belgium, the number formatting is as follows: 953,20 (so we use a comma as decimal separator).

When the student enters 953,20 as the answer and moves to the next question, all seems fine. But when he moves back to the first question, then the number format has changed to the English one (953.20 : a point as decimal placeholder). Which is confusing, because obviously the student will try to change it back to a comma.

Fun fact: when a student takes this same quiz WITH lockdown browser, then the number automatically changes to 95320. so the decimal comma is completely removed from the answer. The answer is no longer considered correct. We had an exam last Saturday with 450 students. All their numeric answers were altered.

*'Fun' was ironic...


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