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Canvas Teacher Android app don't show past enrollments

My Canvas Teacher Android app (v. 1.20) do not show past enrollments.

When I push the "See All" button in my dashboard it seems like only courses where my enrollment status are "active" shows up.

Courses where my enrollment status are "completed" don't show up.

This means that "Past Enrollments" are not available.

Does Canvas Teacher Android app (v. 1.20) not show "Past Enrollments" or is there a setting in the app that makes "Past Enrollments" available?

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Hello @geir_tore_vokto 

The teacher app should still be showing past enrollments. Did you see it before you upgraded? Also, do you see it on the browser? You may want to clear the cache and  cookies on your Android and/or you can delete the teacher app completely and re-download as that also will do the same. 

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That's the observer guide but the process should be the same on your device. If you have more questions regarding this issue(s) please feel free to respond with descriptive information as to give us a clear insight into the problem.