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Canvas is connected to our Student Information System and students are automatically added via a feed from this system automatically. 

Teachers on a course may not necessarily know that new students have been added. This can present a problem when students are added to a course a few weeks into term.

Would it be possible to create a notification for when new students have been added to a course in Canvas. This would ensure that teachers can recap on information that new students may have missed due to their late enrolment on the course. 

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Hi @e_mcallister 

This is a great idea, and would make our teaching lives so much easier! Ideally, you would get notified by your school's registrar, but we know how well that works most places.


However, you have placed this suggestion in this community's Question Forum. Che out Idea Conversations in this community, and create your own new idea (if this idea has not already been created by someone else).

Good luck and stay safe,


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