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Our department is considering transitioning from the Questionmark testing system to using Canvas quizzes for administering exams. I understand that Canvas is not designed to be a testing system so I have a question about how robust it is. Most exams would be 40-50 questions for about 50 students at a time. Does Canvas have any problems with administering this many exams at the same time for one test? I know that item analysis is available, but is it available as a .csv file in addition to the web-based view?

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Hey, @rsackett3 !

From my own experience, I have never ever had issues with my exams. My exams are usually about 50 questions, and I usually have about 30-40 students taking the test at the same time.

With that being said, you should not have any trouble with Canvas Quizzes, and if you do, always feel free to come back here or reach out to Canvas Support directly.


Hope this helps, and I hope you enjoy using Canvas Quizzes!

Noah B.

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