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Canvas unarthorization error


We have been using Canvas for a while now and just started to run into an issue with some students.  Some teachers send assignments using the Google Cloud external tool and when some students click on the assignment it requires them to authorize the document, however the authorization is failing.  They get a message that says" Authorization failed. Please click "Authorize" to try again, then it says underneath "you need to authorize this integration in order to use it, please sign in to your Google account and authorize this integration"  If they click the Authorize button again it brings up the same message.  They are signed into their Google Accounts as they are using Chromebooks.  
Do you have any thoughts on how to fix this issue or why we are getting this and it not allowing them to authorize?
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Hello there,  @acshearer ...

I see that you posted the same question in a different topic located at: Canvas Error.  So that we keep all discussions in one place, I am going to lock your above topic and ask that everyone post to the topic instead.  I hope that's okay with you, Andrew.

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