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Canvas version qst.

How can I tell what version of Canvas I have and if it is up to date?  Or does it automatically update?  Thank you!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @newton ...

Canvas does not have a "version".  Instructure (the company that makes Canvas) releases monthly updates to all their customers, and you can always find more information what they are working on by checking out Release Notes and Ideas.

Community Member

I was hoping that was the case! Just checking! ¡Gracias! Smiley Happy


Community Contributor

Canvas still has a version number, but that's for mobile platforms only.

The Canvas Mobile Apps for Android are also available on Chrome OS. Canvas Mobile Apps for iOS may be made available to the Mac in the near future (Apple Silicon-based Macs only, not Intel-based Macs).

  • Canvas Student
    • iOS: 6.8.6 (7/8/2020)
    • Android: 6.8.0 (6/15/2020)
  • Canvas Teacher
    • iOS: 1.11.4 (6/17/2020)
    • Android: 1.11.0 (5/15/2020)
  • Canvas Parent
    • iOS: 3.2.1 (5/19/2020)
    • Android: 3.2.2 (5/18/2020)