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When I am in speedgrader and enter a grade without using the rubric, it only gives me a few grades to choose from but won't let me enter any others. For example, the assignment is worth 24 points and I want to assign 19 points, but the drop down that appears when I click in the grade box only has 20, 21, 18, and 24 on it. If I type in something different in the box, Canvas just puts one of those grades in seemingly at random but won't allow me to post anything different. 

Is there a setting I'm missing?

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Community Coach

Hello  @hatchn ...

Are you referring to this box where you can input a grade for a student's submission in the SpeedGrader?


If so, by design, this box does not have a drop-down to select you should be able to type a number in there.  But, I'm wondering if you are actually seeing some cached scores that you've inputted in assignments before.  For example, if I click my mouse inside the box, then I see these scores pop up on my screen:


That doesn't mean I am limited to a score of 14 or just means those have been used before, and I probably haven't cleared my cache from Google Chrome in quite a while.  You should still be able to type in any score for your student...even if it's not one of the ones listed in that drop-down selection.

I hope this helps, Nancy.  Please let us know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!

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