Case sensitivity in Fill-In-the-Blank questions in New Quizzes

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In the New Quizzes tool I am not seeing a way to set a Fill-In-the-Blank question to be case-insensitive. I see that as an option if  I use the 'Close Enough' option based on the Levenshtein Distance but it does not allow me to set the Levenshtein to zero and that's not what I want. 

Is case-insensitivity an option? 

Thank you,

John Willingham

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Interesting.  In Classic Quizzes the answers for fill in the blank is NOT case sensitive so I assumed the same for New Quizzes.  Looking more at the guide I see what you mean.  Really about the only way I see to do it would be to use the Exact Match option and then give multiple correct answers such as "grasshopper" and "Grasshopper".  It would be a nice feature to provide and option with Exact Match to be case insensitive, similar to how there is an option for that on the close enough setting,  Or to allow a 0 Levenshtein value as you suggest.  


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