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Choose Front/Home Page Issue

I've been importing data from a workroom to a course.  In the original workroom, I set a homepage following the procedure to set a homepage.  I first made sure that the content page within PAGES was published and I made it the FRONT PAGE.   Then I went to the HOME tab and selected CHOOSE HOME PAGE on the right side of screen.  No problems!  But after the content was imported into the new course, now I cannot do the same!  When I'm in the HOME tab, I selected CHOOSE HOME PAGE, but the PAGES FRONT PAGE in the dialog box has it greyed out!  So I went back to PAGES and made sure it was published and USE AS FRONT PAGE.  But I'm still having the same issue!  It is still greyed out and I cannot set it to HOME PAGE!  

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Good morning, @mesamd ...

Hmmm...that does sound odd.  Have you tried clearing your browser's cache/history, closing the browser, and then trying again?

Also, have you tried temporarily setting a different page on your "Pages" index pages as your designated "Front Page" to see if it will allow you to specify that page as your "Front Page" of your "Home" screen?

Looking forward to hearing back from you on this.  Take care, stay safe, and be well.

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