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Hi, I would like to have links be on top of an image. Of course I can insert an image. I can even wrap text around it.😀  What I'd like to do is have text in front of an image and have the image be in the back ground.

I guess it could be done by having textboxes and have them be on top of an image

Or, is there a way to wrap text so that it is in front of an image and the image is in the background?  Obviously, it can be done in word, ppt, google docs, google slides, etc.  

I appreciate any and all help with this!!!!

Thank you!


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Community Coach

@Swope01 ...

Yet another option for you to consider...  what about modifying those graphics "offline" by adding some text on top of them using a graphics editing program (something simple as the Windows "Paint" program could do this).  Then, upload those images and be sure to add alt text (descriptive text for the image) so that folks using screen readers know what those buttons are.  Would this be a workable option for you?  This way, you're not having to mess with HTML code for moving text around that may/may not work.

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