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Collapse/Hide replies in a discussion, by default?

Is there a setting or CSS hack to have all replies in a discussion collapsed when a user enters the page so they can focus on the individual top-level threads?

I found an old comment in the feature request to improve the discussion layout that mentions this ability, I'm just wondering if there is a configuration to make this the default behavior.

Thanks in advance,

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Community Coach
Community Coach

ishar-uw​, no setting, but there might be a hack or workaround for this. I'm going to share this with the Canvas Developers​ and Instructional Designers​ groups in the Community to see if anyone can help!

Hi  @kona ‌, thanks for sharing with the developers. Have they come up with anything?  If I leave a discussion by mistake and come right back using the browser back button, there they are all expanded again.  Would love to have a choice to make collapsed replies a personal default in Canvas.  That and using manual "mark as read" really make life easier.

How about a cookie to remember my choice? Then at least in each session I'd only have to choose collapsed replies view once. 

I rather wish that blue expand/collapse arrow were always visible too.  It is not intuitive.

Has this topic been addressed yet?  Very long discussions are hard to manage and a default collapsed view would be wonderful.

Yes, these discussion forums should be collapse by default.  In Blackboard, that was the case.  Some instructors are complaining that students reply to the very first thread, because they have to scroll and scroll to find other threads and they don't realize there are other student replies.  So the first student that replies, gets all the attention.    If they were auto collapsed, then students would see all the students that replied on one small screen and the number of replies.  They can then determine to reply to the lonely student at the bottom. 

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I noticed that this question was asked back in 2016, and was not answered. Even though at the top it shows "Assumed Answered". I didn't find any ideas posted for this, so I created a new one. 

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Thank-you for creating the feature idea! Yes, discussions need some love. It's just a better view even in mobile when all the discussions are collapsed upon entering. I'd settle for a course-level or even user-level toggle for this feature.

Much appreciated,
Cheers - Shar

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Yes can we please collapse all replies either by default or with a checkbox on the discussion settings?

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