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How do I collapse a section so it does not show once the unit is finished?


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Community Coach

As a student, in the Modules of a Canvas course, you can click on the grey bar at the top of a module and the module will collapse. That does not make it disappear completely, it just collapses the module so everything below the grey bar is hidden.


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Community Coach

Hi @JaniceRose ,

If you're talking about Module sections, I think @RecycledElectro covered it all (thank you RecycledElectro!).
Please understand that only that course's teacher, TA, instructional designer, or any roles that have teacher permissions can unpublish the modules completely. I recommend reaching out to your teacher about unpublishing it if you guys as student's no longer need access to it, and if it's cluttering your modules page. 

I know several teachers purposely leave modules published so students can go back and access resources from previous units in case they need to, however they will move the modules to the bottom instead of leaving it at the top. You can also ask your teacher to do that, too if they don't want to fully unpublish the module.

If you're talking about Assignments or Quizzes in its respective course navigation category, similar rules can apply but it's not the same. Teachers can have their courses set up all differently, so it's best to reach out to your teacher(s) instead.


Feel free to reach out with any additional questions, however I hope this helps!
Noah B.

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