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Comments made on iOS Canvas profesor app don't show in Canvas browser


I have an issue.

Comments made on iOS Canvas profesor app don't show to either students and teachers from Canvas browser, unless you click on "Descargar comentarios de la entrega" (download submission comments), which will send you to a generated PDF with the comment. Nonetheless, the icon showing the number of comments appears in "0" zero. This way, students will hardly notice my feedback comments.

This is particularly hard for me, since I find grading much easier through the app, given the fact that I'm a full time mom.

Does someone know what is possibly happening? Or can help me?

Thank you from Mexico.

I tried to upload some pictures to show the issue,  but I couldn't.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @NadiaA_ -

I'm sorry that you're experiencing this! It takes so much time to leave feedback, and it's best when students can view it easily. 

While I haven't had this happen to me or to my students, it doesn't mean that you're doing something incorrectly or that it's only happening to you! 

Which version of iOS are you using on your device? Which version of Canvas Teacher do you have installed (it should be v 1.13.1). What type of files do your students share with you that they can't see comments on? Do you use freehand annotations or dropped comments?

After hearing your replies, I'll see if I can replicate it and determine some next steps for you.