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I want to take a homework assignment, quiz, or other content from a course I taught in previous semester, copy it into my current semester course, modify it, and then publish it when I'm ready. However, anytime I copy something that had been published in the previous course, it is already shown as published in the current course.

How can I copy something as initially Unpublished, giving me a chance to modify it before everyone can see it?

For instance, if I plan to give a surprise quiz, but I copy it from a previous semester, and it's already Published in the current semester, I think the students can see it. Maybe they even get an announcement that there is a new quiz available. The only way I really know what the students' Canvas experience is like is by asking them.

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Hi vectorpotential,

When you copy something from one course to another it keeps the state (published/unpublished) from the courses it's copied from. What you can do is once it is copied into your new course is to immediately unpublish the assignment, quiz or page make the necessary adjustments and then publish it again. 

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