Course Alerts?

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There is a course-level permission called "Alerts - Add/Edit/Delete". The official definition of this function is below.  However, when I go to look at course Settings, I can't find anything about alerts.  Can someone enlighten me about where to find this feature and more about what it does?  Thanks.
Alerts (Course Settings)
Allows user to configure alerts in course settings. Alerts are a seldom-used feature designed to send an alert to students, teachers or admins for specific triggers (e.g., no student/teacher interaction for 7 days). They are checked every day, and notifications will be sent to the student and/or the teacher until the triggering problem is resolved.
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kburkes, this is probably in anticipation of Canvas releasing “Nudge” - Canvas X: Nudge‌. I know some schools are already piloting it and I hope to this fall!


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I contacted my CSM last week about this and here is their response:

"This permission was created a few years ago for the Alerts feature, which is a pre-beta tool that is not fully built enough for general use at this time."

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