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Background, we are new to Canvas this year, soft launch was in January and full launch May 1st.  We had been a D2L school for years.  Our Canvas data is pulling from Banner CSM.  Because of the Covid19 Pandemic our College has been online only running 2 LMS systems until May 1st, all our courses transitioned to Canvas for the summer semester. 

Discussion I wanted to start, what are other schools doing while extending to online teaching during this pandemic?  Specifically any school that is running Banner.  Some of our programs had to be extended into the summer semester from winter and probably into the fall semester before they can get back onsite to complete the in class work (Automotive / Aircraft repair) they started.  Our concerns are that because of how the courses are running in Canvas with an end date those course will have to be manually adjusted.  It is very complicated for us to adjust those dates in Banner from our scheduling department.  Wondering how other schools might be dealing with the same issues.

We have Javascripted out the option for faculty to adjust the course dates manually as this is handled from our CSM.  

Thank you for your time


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