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Course Invitations are not being sent


I've recently started having an issue with my canvas course. It's been published for 3 years, and for the last few weeks, when I try to add a learner it states that invitations will not be sent until the course is published. It is published. I do not know what changed from one day to the next, but I need to add learners and another instructor. Please help! Any ideas?

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I suspect the term (start and end date) has something to do with it. Hmmm...

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I just recently had the same issue with one of our instructors. They added a student and got the message that invitations would not be sent until the course is published. The course was published and had started so in this case it did not have anything to do with the term (start and end date). I contacted Canvas support and was told that this was just a generic message and it does not recognize the course's published or unpublished status. It is just a message that displays for information purposes. However, this messaging is very confusing, especially if the course is already published and is underway.

I have already submitted a feature request to change this messaging: