Course summary below syllabus, how to delete?

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How do I get rid of the "Course Summary" at the bottom of my syllabus? The dates that appear there are left over from other courses and confusing to this semester's students.  However, I cannot figure out how to delete them.

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

Thank you!

Sherry Rosenthal

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If you go to the Syllabus page and click edit, there is a box below the content of the actual syllabus that says Show Course Summary.  If you just uncheck the box next to it, the course summary will go away.

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I've marked @ccarrier's response as the solution.  Also, for everyone's reference, the following Guide also describes where this setting can be toggled on/off (look under the heading "Manage Course Summary" about mid-way down the page.

How do I edit the Syllabus in a course?

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