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Course with 65,000 enrollments... What issues might we encounter?

Hi All,

We're presently looking into the possibility of offering a course in partnership with a national organization.  This course would be offered via Catalog and may see 65k+ enrollments (25k bare minimum).

Right now this is more a thought exercise than anything concrete.  The various parties involved are working out the details of what this course might look like and what method we would use to process the enrollments.

My team has strongly suggested that the course be as simple as possible, preferably self paced.  We have warned of the possibility of maintenance/performance issues with the course as well as an increased tech support workload for things like account access (password resets).

Our question to the community is this...  What's the highest number of enrollments you have personally managed in a course?  What issues or lessons learned might you be able to share regarding your endeavor?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

-Chris Clement (Utah State University)

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