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Creating a Journal Assignment - students resubmitting and adding to submissions

I am an instructional designer trying to create a journal-like assignment for an adult basic education course. Students will fill out a graphic organizer in module 1 and submit. Then they will go to module 2 , and what I would like them to be able to do is review their previous submission from Module 1, add to it and resubmit in Module 2. They will essentially “ grow” their organizer , in the way you would a journal, over several modules. The teacher can see all the submissions, but students can’t , which is also a feature that should change. This is a common reflective learning practice- so surprising canvas doesn’t have this feature.

 What do you think would be the best work around ? this needs to be simple and straight forward as students have very limited experience with canvas and I don’t want to create any barriers.


 Also how to get canvas to add this journal  feature.?

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Community Team
Community Team


You can list the same assignment in multiple modules. Each time, the participant can share an update. You would be able to see all of the versions. If your campus uses the Assignment Enhancements, your students would too.

Alternatively, I think this could work really well as a discussion. Even if it's only between one person and the instructors, you could have threaded replies and updates throughout the term. You can also adjust points and add comments in SpeedGrader, just like other assignments.  If you'd like to hear additional details on this, let me know! I'd be happy to share more.