Creating a "mashup" Front page?

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Just wondering if I have too grandiose dreams...

Is it possible to create a "mashup" Front page where we have text (like a regular Page in Canvas) at the top, and the listing of the modules below it..?

See example below.

Canvas offers us much more options vs. our current if we can display basic class information (teacher name, contact info, etc), then right below it have the active modules, the students really wouldn't have the "I didn't see it" excuse.

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@LeslieArakaki -

As far as I know that is not something that is possible just using Canvas itself.  However, if you make your home page with the top information and then add in html coding to the page to show links to the modules - you could use tabs for the module names and if you set it up correctly, clicking on the tab would give a listing of the module contents.  Of course you would have to create the modules and then add in all the information about the modules into the actual page (more work on your part)

There are posts regarding creating pages like the one I described, but I do not have them saved.

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