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Disable auto-save feature

Is there a way for a student to disable the auto-popup for a auto-save content? I get these popups for the text of my last previously-submitted comment each time I go to write a new comment. I don't see this as an option in settings.


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I'm having this same problem as an instructor. Every time I try to cut and paste something, no matter where I'm at, I get this notice. It's REALLY ANNOYING, and more than once I've accidentally clicked yes, only to have to delete everything and start over. I get the need for auto-save, but in all my years using Canvas I've never needed it. Can't there just be a button or something to click when you want to load auto-saved content instead of constantly interrupting our workflow?


I agree!  I just deleted one of my students great posts, because I wanted to edit one small part of it - I think this pop up message ("Auto-saved content exists. Would you like to load the auto-saved content instead?") should be removed from the discussion board, or at least PLEASE make the default answer "no."  

I think students might be getting the same annoying pop up message when they try to post more than post in the same forum.  This feature needs to be modified/corrected. 

If Canvas is trying to prevent folks from losing work, just give them a warning when they try to navigate away from an unfinished post without saving/posting.

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I am having the same trouble and I would like to disable this pop up as well.

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Hello there, @menendea@jprobins83, and @anthony_ubelhor ...

The "RCE Auto-Save" Feature Option is something that can be enabled or disabled by your school's local Canvas administrator.  You *may* be able to enable or disable it per course, but it also may be enabled or disabled without the ability to toggle it on/off one way or the other.  That would be a decision that was made by your school's local Canvas admin.  To check if you can enable or disable it in your own course(s), sign in to one of your courses in Canvas.  Click on "Settings", and then go to the "Feature Options" tab.  Do you see a row for "RCE Auto-Save"?  If so, it may have an icon near it that indicates it is either enabled or disabled.  You should be able to click on that icon to enable or disable it.  If you do not have a row for the "RCE Auto-Save", then your school's local Canvas admin has probably enabled it for all courses at your school, and it cannot be enabled/disabled at the course level.  You may want to have a conversation with your local admin to see if they would be willing to change the settings for that particular Feature Option slightly to allow you to toggle it on/off per course.

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I hope this will be of help to all of you.  Sing out if you have any other questions...thanks!  Take care all.

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