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Discussion Post e-Mail Not Linking to Actual Post

When I receive an email notification about a discussion post, and I click "Click here to join the conversation," it used to take me directly to the specific post/reply. But as of a couple weeks ago, it only links to the top of the discussion board, not to the specific reply. Is this an intentional change? A bug? Are there any workarounds? It's very unwieldy to try and find the specific new post in a very large discussion without a direct link.

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Hello @jlmasters 

I was able to look around on this question. I did not see that this has been listed as a known issue HERE. However, it might be best to submit a ticket to support with your specific examples so they can take a look. 

Thank you, @ColtonSwapp! This does sound like the same issue. I submitted a support ticket. Thanks!